Utah is Number One in the Nation for Federal Marijuana Possession Charges

Last month, the Salt Lake Tribune released an intriguing tale defining the wide variety of government medication belongings convictions that occur every year in the state of Utah. The majority of these federal medication criminal offenses happen on public lands. Last year alone, over 165 people in Utah were charged with drug property on federal lands, mainly in the big state parks such as Moab, Zion, Bryce, and so on. Of those 165 individuals, 145 were charged with easy marijuana possession and the majority of those individuals were from out of state. Last year there was a total amount of 465 sentences for medicine property on public lands nationwide. Utah alone composed regarding one-third of the total convictions throughout the country. So what is it about Utah that brings about the high number of medicine charges in national forests every year? We offer a few ideas on the subject listed below:

Utah is Strict with Drug Possession

There are a couple of main reasons why Utah handed out a lot more federal marijuana sentences in national parks for the last couple of years than any other state. While Utah is not understood as a cannabis modern state, it rests between two of the most pot pleasant states in the nation, Colorado and the golden state. As a result, Utah gets many people from California and Colorado coming through or hanging out at any number of the many national parks the state has to use.

If you or somebody you know was charged with marijuana or various other drug belongings on government land in Utah, call and also speak with a Utah Federal Defense Attorney at our office today. We have helped numerous individuals butted in Moab, Zion National Park, Glen Canyon, and other government areas.

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